download xLock Today, Allow your kids to watch personal videos and picture only

Remember that time you handed your phone over to someone so they could see that cool picture and they began roaming through your other pictures or information? Want to hand your phone to someone and know all your information is protected? Then you need xLock.

xLock is an app that allows you to lock your phone screen while watching a personal video, listen to music, making a phone call and showing a presentation. It protects your privacy so that you can hand someone your phone to watch a video, see a picture, hear a song, make a call or view a presentation and know they cannot leave that screen. It’s nice to have the peace of mind knowing that the person can only view the information you want them to see. While xLock is activated, only the power and volume buttons are active. Once you have your phone back in your possession, you can unlock the phone with a chosen gesture. If you would like security other than the gesture, you can also create a pin for a second layer of security.

*Set a time delay on the program you would like to lock so that you can choose what song or video you want to show.

If you want to have the freedom to hand your phone over and know you privacy is protected then download xLock Today.

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