Real Time Alerts on what matters to you. (News, Celebrity, Company, Stock, Person, or whatever)

Like G oogle Alerts but for use on a Mobile device and with better results.

Receive free daily mobile notifications of New posting, Traffic, Stocks, brand, company, or the latest on a celebrity. Just Tag it and the app will Perform a continuous topic or word search with a single entry.

*Monitors a developing news story
*Keeps current on a competitor, industry, Celebrity, event/s, and on your favorite sports teams.

ThenTagIt makes life simple by performing a continuous topic or word search with a single entry. With a few clicks, you can have up to the minute information on any topic or word of your choice. ThenTagIt will run continuous searches for the entered topic. Imagine having the ability to know about something you are interested in as soon as it goes viral, even while you are asleep or busy. ThenTagIt will do all the work! Just enter your search request once and you can choose to have alerts sent to you at a different time interval such as hourly, weekly or monthly.

We hope you enjoy the ease and convenience of ThenTagIt and that you spread the word. Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how we are doing. We want to make sure ThenTagIt is one of your favorite apps.

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